How to Succeed in the Cold Formed Steel Industry

how to succeed in the cold formed steel industry

Why risk a piecemeal approach to success in the cold formed steel industry when International Steel Framing (ISF) provides you with the convenience of a single-vendor solution?

Our Product Suite is a comprehensive, integrated system of software, steel frame roll formers, and services that fulfill all your CFS framing requirements for commercial or residential construction.

At ISF, we partner with you from initial design through completed construction! Your materials are roll formed and delivered either knocked down or fully assembled and ready to install.

ISF Software

The ISF Software Suite is the most advanced and comprehensive collection of tools available for designing and engineering steel-frame structures.

With our software, you design and engineer complete structures from foundation to roof. After creating a 3D model of a structure and framing it, use ISF tools to develop and apply loads, and automate the specification of load-resisting materials and components for construction. Once complete, generate machinery-interface files to automate the fabrication process for:

  • Whole structures
  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Trusses
  • Individual members


Our steel truss design technology is manufactured using the latest in sophisticated, computer-driven roll formers, tightly integrated with our state-of-the-art software for bidding, designing, and engineering trusses.

Plus, KeyTruss saves you money and makes your life easier:

  • Disruptive cost savings with labor, materials, and shipping
  • Available in a wide range of profiles and steel gauges
  • Manufactured from 100% prime steel
  • Contains a high level of recycled content level that assists in achieving LEED certification
  • Offers multiple UL® assemblies

The KeyTruss steel truss design system incorporates the latest in construction technologies – automating and expediting processes at every stage of the construction lifecycle – from truss design to fabrication, shipping, logistics, and installation. Perfect for designers, fabricators, and contractors.

ISF Roll Formers

Simply put, ISF offers the best roll formers on the market today.

Performance 1 is designed to manufacture the C-shaped steel components required to produce the roll formed sections needed to fabricate KeyTruss and Key Panel sections.

Size and flange changes, for sections from 2 ½” to 8” wide, are accomplished by adjusting the width of the roll former with a manual crank wheel. As a result, profile change times are reduced by up to 90%.

The concept of this system is designed to maximize material output by eliminating change over time and keeping the training time to a minimum.

Accuracy is increased and downtime minimized by using a gearbox rather than a chain-driven system.

Are you ready to succeed in the cold formed steel industry? Then contact us for everything you need, from a company you can depend on.

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