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Single-Vendor CFS Framing Solution

Why risk a piecemeal approach? Let International Steel Framing (ISF) provide your organization with the comfort and convenience of a single-vendor cold-formed steel framing solution. At ISF, we partner with you from initial design through completed cold formed steel construction! Your materials are roll formed and delivered either knocked down or fully assembled and ready to install.

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  • Disruptive cost savings for labor, materials, and shipping
  • Available in a wide range of profiles and steel gauges
  • Manufactured from 100% prime steel
  • High levels of recycled content assists in achieving LEED certification
  • Offers multiple UL® assemblies
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Performance 1 manufactures the C-shaped steel sections needed for all facets of light gauge steel framing. Benefits include:

  • Profile change times reduced by up to 90%
  • Maximum material output
  • Minimal training time
  • Increased accuracy
  • Decreased downtime
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With ISF Software, users design and engineer complete structures from foundation to roof. Create a 3D model of a structure, then frame it in to see how it looks in the real world. Use ISF tools to develop and apply loads, and to automate the specification of load-resisting materials and components for construction. Lastly, generate machinery-interface files to automate the fabrication process.

Flexible, high-quality, and durable. Steel can provide the infrastructure for anything, from 8-story structures to light buildings on trailers.


Low to mid-rise construction

The versatile Series-2 can manufacture up to 8″ 14-gauge material that can be used for structures up to 8-stories tall. One machine is capable of making parts for all wall materials including no load bearing partition walls, roof truss systems and floor trusses for each level of floor framing.

Post Frame & Warehouses:

Competitive with wood

Light gauge steel technology is a favorable choice for someone who needs a post frame barn or warehouse. Enjoy all the benefits of steel and an increased return on investment.


Simplifying complexity

Keymark’s versatile Keymark Software systems can design any level of residential architectural complexity. The KeyTruss truss system can form any truss profile imaginable. Our light gauge steel technology is ideal for mitigation of the threats posed by mold, rotting, water damage, and fire that threaten cherished living spaces.

Tiny Houses:

Light construction for easy transport

Tiny Houses are typically built on transportable trailer foundations. Minimizing the weight of houses is a mission-critical effort in this industry niche. Our light gauge frame will typically weigh a third to half of what a comparable wood framed system would weigh. The trouble free nature of our “always straight” framing solution is an additional benefit.

Assisted Living:

Safety forward

Keymark’s light gauge technology provides a non-flammable framed solution that is unmatched in the industry. Keymark provides multiple UL ratings for assemblies using KeyTruss that will meet demanding architectural requirements.

Relief Housing:

Challenging logistics

The aftermath of natural disasters leaves a need for relief housing in challenging logistical conditions. Keymark’s technology allows for the very efficient shipping of bundled packages that can be assembled at the jobsite by relatively untrained labor. Our corrosion-resistant framing solution is ideal for hurricane prone tropic regions.

“As a previous user of two very good proprietary steel truss software programs, I was pleasantly surprised that the ISF Steel Truss software was every bit as good. The ISF Steel Truss software is truly a professional system capable of meeting the demands of an intense production design environment.”
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