Roll Formers Designed for Ease of Changeovers, Lessening the Challenges of Today’s Labor Force

Performance 1

Performance 1 is designed to manufacture the C-shaped steel sections needed for all facets of light gauge steel framing. The concept of this system is designed to maximize material output by eliminating change over time and keeping the training time to a minimum.

Performance 1 automatically adjusts from 22 to 14 gauge (.030” to .075”) eliminating costly damage to equipment and the need for manual adjustments.

Performance 1 uses a width adjustment mechanism that reduces profile change times by 90%

Performance 1 uses gearboxes rather than a chain-driven system which increases accuracy and minimizes downtime

General Specifications

Material: Galvanized and Cold Roll Steel (CRS) 32 to 66 KSl (221 to 455 MPA)

Gauges: from 22 GA (.030”) to 14 GA (.075”)

Tensile Strength: 32 KSI to 66 KSl (221 MPA to 455 MPA)

Part Size: 2 ½” to 8” (6.35 to 20.32 CM) to Cee Sections Studs and U Sections for Track

Flange size: 1 5/8” and 2” (4.13 and 5.08 CM)

Line Speed: Variable depending on the punching patterns. Plain track may run up to 120 FPM (36.57 MPM)

Approx. gross weight: 25,000 LBS (11 340 KG) includes De-coiler, Leveler, Punch Presses and Roll Former


Section Applications

Dual Arm Decoiler: Hydraulically driven. The dual-arm decoiler holds two coils of up to 6,000 pounds (2 722 KG) at all times and expands the mandrel using hydraulics, (no manual cranking!), and holds the coil, also generates back tension while rotating.

Coil Leveler: Pinch rollers pull coil stock from decoiler, leveling rollers remove coil, then set and flatten the material.

Loop System: Synchronizes line speed to avoid tension or stretch of the material processed.

Feeder: Used to feed precise length of coil stock to the punch press or shear. Pulls material from loop and stops at desired pitch.

Width Wise Adjustable C Punch Presses: Pre-punchs coil stock, suitable for blanking, slight embossing, piercing, coining, and perforation.

Rollformer: 11 stations duplex with split tooling. Horsepower: 30 HP (22.4 KW)

Runout Conveyor: 118” (299.72 CM) conveyor with max weight capability of 46 LBS (21 KG)

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