Benefits and uses of steel and
cold formed steel framing

Steel is easy to work with

Steel products are roll formed into the exact shapes and sizes required. Detailed labeling of all steel pieces makes assembly fast and foolproof. Pre-punched holes make it easy to run wiring and plumbing. Steel frame construction time is shortened.

Steel is environmentally friendly

Steel framing is made from an average of 67% recycled material. And, since steel itself is 100% recyclable, steel construction aids in obtaining LEED certification for your projects. In addition, steel homes and buildings have significantly fewer toxins to irritate asthma and allergy sufferers.

Steel is stable

Steel studs will not bow, twist, or bend. The sizing is accurate, the framing is exact, and steel does not expand or contract with moisture content. The results are straight walls, true 90-degree corners, and doors and windows that close without binding.

Steel is fire and lightning resistant

Steel does not combust. A framework of steel allows lightning charges to safely dissipate into the ground, minimizing the danger of fire and personal injury.

Steel lasts

Steel is impervious to rot, mold, mildew, and damage caused by insects, termites, and vermin.

Steel is cost effective

Construction cost is minimized by faster, easier installation; less material waste (2% for steel vs. 20% for lumber); and reduced delivery and foundation costs. After construction, steel keeps saving money with lower insurance rates and maintenance costs.

Steel offers architectural flexibility

With the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any building product, steel has longer span capabilities, wider on-center-spacing possibilities, and reduced foundation requirements.

Flexible, high-quality, and durable. Steel structures can provide the infrastructure for anything from 8-story buildings to light buildings on trailers.


Low to mid-rise construction

The versatile Series-2 can manufacture up to 8″ 14-gauge material that can be used for structures up to 8-stories tall. One machine is capable of making parts for all wall materials including no load bearing partition walls, roof truss systems and floor trusses for each level of floor framing.

Post Frame & Warehouses:

Competitive with wood

Light gauge steel technology is a favorable choice for someone who needs a post frame barn or warehouse. Enjoy all the benefits of steel and an increased return on investment.


Simplifying complexity

Versatile ISF Software systems can design any level of residential architectural complexity. The KeyTruss truss system can form any truss profile imaginable. Our light gauge steel technology is ideal for mitigation of the threats posed by mold, rotting, water damage, and fire that threaten cherished living spaces.

Tiny Houses:

Light construction for easy transport

Tiny Houses are typically built on transportable trailer foundations. Minimizing the weight of houses is a mission-critical effort in this industry niche. Our light gauge frame will typically weigh a third to half of what a comparable wood framed system would weigh. The trouble free nature of our “always straight” framing solution is an additional benefit.

Assisted Living:

Safety forward

ISF’s light gauge technology provides a non-flammable framed solution that is unmatched in the industry. ISF provides multiple UL ratings for assemblies using KeyTruss that will meet demanding architectural requirements.

DIY Storage Shed, Garage or She Shed / Man Cave

Our software is so easy to use that anyone can design their own simple structure and place an order right from the platform. When the highly processed, inkjet marked pieces show up, putting them together to form a wall, roof and floor systems is likewise so easy anyone can do it. Of course, we always include assembly directions for reference.​

Relief Housing:

Challenging logistics

The aftermath of natural disasters leaves a need for relief housing in challenging logistical conditions. ISF’s technology allows for the very efficient shipping of bundled packages that can be assembled at the jobsite by relatively untrained labor. Our corrosion-resistant framing solution is ideal for hurricane prone tropic regions.

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