Top Benefits of Light Gauge Steel Trusses

Light gauge steel trusses, also known as cold-formed steel trusses, are made from high-quality sheet steel fashioned into different shapes by roll forming. And they’re not just a pretty face in the construction industry; light gauge steel trusses have emerged as a game-changer, revolutionizing how structures are built. Offering many benefits, these trusses have become […]

Properties of Cold-Roll Steel vs. Hot-Roll Steel

cold roll steel

A Little Bit of (Fun!) History   One of the first documented uses of cold-formed steel as a building material is the Virginia Baptist Hospital, constructed around 1925 in Lynchburg, Virginia. The walls were load-bearing masonry, but the floor system was framed with double back-to-back cold-formed steel-lipped channels. A site observation during a renovation confirmed that […]

The What and Why of Roll Forming

roll forming

An Introduction to Roll Forming Roll forming is a cost-effective manufacturing process that shapes metal coils into custom-designed profiles. This cold-formed method has found widespread application in various industries, offering a streamlined approach to creating structures, beams, columns, and sections. In this blog, we will delve into the fundamentals of roll forming, exploring its processes, […]

Metal Construction vs. Concrete Construction

metal construction vs concrete construction

Steel and concrete go head-to-head as the two most popular methods used in the building industry, each with its own advantages. Some factors that can help determine which material to use include: Steel is an alloy consisting mainly of iron and carbon; adding chromium and nickel creates stainless steel. Concrete is created by mixing a […]

The Benefits of Steel Framing For Agricultural Buildings 

steel framing

Constructing agricultural buildings with steel framing offers farmers and agricultural businesses a durable, cost-effective, and low-maintenance solution for protecting valuable assets and optimizing operations. The versatility and durability of steel make it an ideal choice for modern agricultural needs. Durability and Structural Integrity  The best way to avoid dimensional stability problems is to build your […]

The Advantages of ISF Steel Construction Software

The Advantages of ISF Steel Construction Software

Exceptional accuracy is required when designing steel structures. A minor change in the measurements can lead to a loss of time and money. Thankfully, the days of using pencils and protractors are over. International Steel Framing Software Suite enables you to design a complete steel structure, saving time and money while improving safety. ISF steel […]

Cold Rolled Steel vs. Hot Rolled Steel

cold rolled steel

When it comes to processing steel for industrial purposes, the basic technique of rolling was introduced as far back as 1783 by Henry Cort, who was among the first to successfully improve on the more archaic methods that were prevalent during the time. Since then, two processes have emerged as the primary methods for forming […]

How Roll-Formers Improve Building Quality and Save Money

roll forming machine

One of the most common objections to buying a roll-forming machine is the cost. However, investing in your own roll-forming machine may actually save your business money in the long run. A well-maintained roll-former can: In this post, we’ll explore exactly how roll-formers achieve this, so the next time you’re browsing through roll-former machines for […]

The Advantages of Cold Forming

cold forming

Different types of steel are good for different applications. During the creation process, steel can be hot-rolled or cold-rolled. Both hot-rolled steel and cold-rolled steel have their unique advantages and disadvantages. For construction, cold-formed steel (CFS) is generally better than hot-rolled steel. However, cold-formed steel has the upper hand in architecture compared to other materials […]

Roll Formers Designed for Ease of Changeovers

performance 1

International Steel Framing’s Performance 1 is an automatic, multiple profile, gearbox driven roll forming machine — that changes profiles in about 5 minutes and automatically adjusts to do multiple gauges — making it the most cost-effective roll former on the market today. Performance 1 Minimizes changeover time and keeps training time to a minimum Automatically […]

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