keytruss for designers

KeyTruss is supported by a comprehensive suite of software that provides designers with all the tools needed to quickly estimate, design, and engineer high-quality roof and floor trusses.


Keymark software is comprised of an extensive library of truss profiles and webbing patterns ready to use right out of the box, along with a comprehensive toolset for creating complex, custom web profiles. The application is run on a powerful engine that calculates all truss members, individually, to AISI standards and includes additional tools for defining plating and bracing requirements.


One of the built-in functions of KeyMark software is support for IBC/IRC building codes, as well as ASCE7 standards for wind and snow loading. Further functionality includes:

  • Extensive and extremely accurate calculation of loads and load transfers
  • Automated batch functionality to analyze, design, and produce outputs for large groups of trusses with a single click of the mouse
  • Automated optimization of truss materials through the use of built-in material priority tables
  • Automated webbing functionality
  • Automated truss-to-truss and truss-to-structure connections
  • Broad-ranging presets that provide global control over a host of customizable settings
  • Comprehensive outputs that include truss indices, detailed engineering drawings, assembly drawings, layouts, material lists, and temporary and permanent bracing plans

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