The Latest in Cold-Form Steel Truss Design Technology

cold form steel truss

KeyTruss is the latest revolution in cold-formed steel truss design technology. The KeyTruss design system incorporates the latest construction technologies, automating and expediting processes at every stage of the construction lifecycle, from truss design to fabrication, shipping, logistics, and installation. Our design technology is manufactured using the latest in sophisticated, computer-driven rollformers that are tightly integrated with our state-of-the-art software for bidding, designing, and engineering trusses. 

Specifically, KeyTruss offers:

  • Disruptive cost savings with labor, materials, and shipping
  • Available in a wide range of profiles and steel gauges
  • Manufactured from 100% prime steel
  • Contains a high level of recycled content level that assists in achieving LEED certification
  • Multiple UL® assemblies

Who Benefits From KeyTruss Design Technology?

KeyTruss benefits designers because it is supported by a comprehensive software suite that provides designers with all the tools to quickly estimate, design, and engineer high-quality roof and floor trusses. For fabricators, the unique features of KeyTruss are designed to save time and money at every fabrication stage. And for contractors and installers, KeyTruss makes the job easier and more efficient. 

There is more to International Steel Framing (ISF) than great products and services. ISF is dedicated to being a true business partner, focused on developing long-term relationships, and devoted to your company’s success. International Steel Framing ISF will work closely with you to ensure that every solution we provide meets your company’s unique requirements. Everybody in the construction industry benefits!

How You Save With KeyTruss

KeyTruss can save your organization up to 30% on Cee-truss designs. Savings are on everything from materials and assembly to shipping and installation.    


All KeyTruss pieces are manufactured to the correct length, eliminating the waste associated with stock-inventory products. Additionally, KeyTruss removes the need to purchase and maintain stock inventory, saving working capital and storage space. There are savings due to the smooth overlap areas between the webs and chords on KeyTruss, providing plenty of room for screws and reducing the need for gusset plates. And finally, the stoutness of KeyTruss members minimizes the need for continuous lateral bracing. 

KeyTruss Saves on Assembly: 

Member connection points and screw locations are clearly labeled and include pilot holes to speed assembly and reduce errors. In addition, flanges are coped to make assembly easy. The need for fewer gusset plates and less bracing reduces expensive labor costs in the factory and the field. Furthermore, single-sided screw connections mean trusses do not need to be tipped over during assembly, saving time and money. 


Component bundles are sequenced to ensure stable stacks that significantly reduce the risk of damage during shipping. The single-ply, in-line KeyTruss design cuts shipping volumes in half, compared to traditional back-to-back Cee trusses. 


Component bundles are dropped off at predefined points that maximize the installation efficiency. Additionally, orientation markings guide and speed truss placement. 

How Does KeyTruss Hold Up?

KeyTruss is oriented on the strong axis, making it stiffer and much stronger than trusses oriented on the weak axis. Additionally, the engineered, coped chords of KeyTruss reinforce truss sections for extra strength. Truss-to-truss and truss-to-structure connections are enhanced due to the large connection areas that are standard with the KeyTruss design. The strength of KeyTruss is backed up by rigorous testing at the University of North Texas, which has proven that KeyTruss connections reinforce sections to the original strength of each member.

Are you Ready to Maximize Your Revenue?

The proof is in the product. KeyTruss design technology creates high-quality, custom trusses that will save you money and make your life easier. Contact International Steel Framing today to learn more about KeyTruss and our other offerings.

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