Everything You Need to Know: Off-Site Construction of Cold-Formed Steel Framing

off-site construction

Off-site construction of cold-formed steel framing refers to the process of manufacturing and assembling building components made from cold-formed steel (CFS) in a controlled factory environment, away from the actual construction site. This approach is also known as prefabrication or modular construction. Cold-formed steel is formed at room temperature, typically through roll-forming machines, into various […]

Pole Barn Building Made Easy

pole barn building easy

Pole barns, also known as post-frame buildings, are popular for their versatility and affordability in construction. Advanced automation software and specialized roll-forming machinery have revolutionized how pole barns are designed and built, making the process easier and more efficient.  A Rollforming Magazine case study details just how easy it was to construct a 60’x140′ cold-formed […]

How Cold-Rolled Steel Improves Job Site Safety

job site safety

Safety First!  The construction industry has a lot of room to improve when it comes to safety. In 2020, there were 174,100 non-fatal injuries in the construction sector, with the top five injuries costing over $7.8 billion in workers’ compensation. Using cold-rolled steel is one of many ways to improve safety at construction sites to […]

The Latest in Cold-Form Steel Truss Design Technology

cold form steel truss

KeyTruss is the latest revolution in cold-formed steel truss design technology. The KeyTruss design system incorporates the latest construction technologies, automating and expediting processes at every stage of the construction lifecycle, from truss design to fabrication, shipping, logistics, and installation. Our design technology is manufactured using the latest in sophisticated, computer-driven rollformers that are tightly […]

Using Steel For Commercial Buildings and Beyond

steel frame structure

Steel is a versatile material known for its strength, flexibility, and high-quality finish. It is often used in commercial and industrial buildings but can also be an excellent choice for other structures. This blog post will explore six types of buildings that benefit from incorporating steel into their designs. Residential Buildings Steel is becoming an […]

4 Benefits of LEED Certification

LEED Certification

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design According to the EPA, constructing green buildings entails environmental responsibility and resource efficiency throughout the building’s lifecycle. A green building aims to have a net positive effect on the environment and the people who inhabit these buildings throughout the building’s planning, design, construction, and operations. Leadership in Energy and […]

5 Advantages of Building With Steel

Building with Steel

5 Reasons Steel Is So Widely Used The advantages of steel are numerous and include its strength, flexibility, durability, ease of installation, and resistance to deterioration, making it one of the most used construction materials in the world. Several advantages of working with steel include: Steel Is Easy To Work With Steel products are roll […]

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